Flake Away

December 26, 2007
Flake Away
{I live in constant dreams
Always haunted, watching the sands of time
Flow into the bottom of this hourglass of life,
As one more day passes
Filled with nothing more than empty words
And bleeding regrets
That will soon scab over and flake away
In submission to scars.
It seems to be an eternity before
I can make this taunted life
Something worth living for,
But until those sands have fallen,
The wounds from haunting memories
Will weep crimson tears
Until they dry, flake away
And reduce to scars.}

The Jungle
{Far along on the horizon
A shadowy figure sirs upon a rock
I strive to meet that figure on the rock.
For i know who is there,
I know what path I have to take,
Is a small path
Through the dark jungles,
Of ones own self destruction.
As I take strides and push myself through the dark path
In the overgrown jungle,
Regrets multiply,
I am staggering and torn,
Bloodied and lost,
I finally stumbled my way up to the rock.
That shadowy figure is no longer in the shadows,
I see her clearly,
Her eyes are teared,
She can't speak, because of how horrid I appear,
As i collapse she catches me,
I can still hear those screams,
For these haunting dreams have plagued my reality.}

Cold & Black
{Make me feel
Like there is something worth living for,
Merely all I have to hold
Is a fantasy,
For my reality is spattered crimson
By the same regrets, just repeated,
I scream w/ all my effort,
But those screams will fall on deaf ears,
The clear night skies moon
Is faintly reflected in the crimson pools below,
And the tears that streak down my face,
But everything else was cold,
Cold and black.}

Decaying Forests
{I don't see
The forest of hope
Growing into the sky,
I see the shrubs others call a forest
Decaying into the soils of agony and regret.
F*** hope,
I don't need hope,
I know that as I wander aimlessly through
The so called forests
That are decaying more rapidly than ever.
Somewhere in these shrubs
There is what many souls refer to as,
"Salvation and Redemption" for my wrong doings.
I don't want to be salvaged,
I don't want to be redeemed,
All i want is to close my eyes
And wake up in her arms,
Just as I am,
A person that is not afraid
Of living to live,
And will never settle for living just to die.}

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