red, red poppy

November 18, 2010
By MizzCizz BRONZE, Warrington, Other
MizzCizz BRONZE, Warrington, Other
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Red, red poppy growing tall,
And from the ground you hear them call,
Onto us you hear them cry,
Never let our memories die.

Red, red poppy smiling back,
On the dirty war born track,
Where the soldiers once did fight,
And where the bombs once took flight.

Red, red poppy in the field,
As the trenches once did shield,
The soldiers, cold, damp and wet,
But did they ever once regret?

Red, red poppy on my vest,
Never once could soldiers rest,
Through the months they did not moan,
As they walk through the fighting zone.

Red, red poppy growing tall,
We will never let you fall.

The author's comments:
a nice poem for rememberence day.. tell me what you think!

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