Someone You Love

December 26, 2007
By Kristin Sroka, Danbury, CT

Seeing someone you truly love
Is an important part of your life
It might be your family member
Or it could be a husband or wife
If you do truly love that person
With every piece of your heart
You just can’t wait to see them
Waiting a minute after you part
A minute is really long to wait
When you are sitting there alone
All you want is for that person
To rush and quickly hurry home
When you have been far away
From someone you really miss
All you desperately really want
Is just a simple extravagant kiss
The someone who you truly love
Could be yours through marriage
Or it may be your very own baby
Strapped in its little red carriage
The feeling is so unexplainable
The excitement that hides inside
Like you can let it all out now
For you no longer have to hide
When that special person is near
Every little bad thing is alright
No matter when you see them
During the day or in the night
Love is a really meaningful word
You must forget or regret it never
When you truly love somebody
It will be always and forever...

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