Life is a Game

November 19, 2010
By .Kathryn. SILVER, Mosca, Colorado
.Kathryn. SILVER, Mosca, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
If you know who you are, You have nothing to prove.
You don't need a parachute to sky dive, you need a parachute to sky dive twice.
The scars remind us the past is real.

Life is a game,
You can play it anyway you want,
Sometimes you got the luck,
Sometimes you just get screwed,
Anyway you roll it,
Whether your going cross or line,
If your taking the shot or passing it up,
You rarely get replays.
Sometimes the rules get changed
And you don’t know till you’ve already bounced,
Whose to say when you stop getting second chances?
Gotta take the fouls,
Deal with bad calls,
And sometimes you’ll get beat to the bases.
You’ll get shown up a million times,
But then they’ll be the days
No one can get you down.
Face it,
You spend more time getting ready
Then you do actually doin it.
So you can sweat it,
Or wing it
And pretend you know what your doing,
Life is a game,
Play it.

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