What I would Be

November 19, 2010
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I If I were
a sound I would be the singing of theater stars, projecting through the audience
an animal I’d be is a koala bear, hugging trees, and eating leaves to get my water

If I were
a number
a place or
a tree
I would be 100 because it’s the perfect number in my mind
Hatteras, because the beaches are beautiful with a warm breeze blowing the sand
a sycamore tree, my dad’s favorite kind

I am a flute, playing my tune from air, and dancing to the melody
I’m afraid of darkness, the creatures eyes staring at me

I’m curious about the unknown, the future and my destiny
I let go of bad memories, gone ones, and the pain in my heart

I remember, what’s not forgotten, and my happy days in life
I will be a pen, that writes on paper wherever I go, that will help you with all your hard times and doubts

I will be easily accessible and your prize possession, for I will be your greatest friend.

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