Dreaming and Wishing

December 26, 2007
I am so tired of dreaming and wishing

Dreaming to become a famous writer or director

Wishing that all the things that I ‘m thinking can really happen

Looking at the people that are in movies or on TV, and wishing at the same time that was me

Dreaming that one day it will be me

Will that day ever come or will I still be sitting here with all my wishes and dreams still floating in the air

Oh how I wish this was the end, but it can’t be because in my dream I’m the one that’s still writing, and then realizing my wishes and dreams are like a game of chess

With my dreams being the King and my wishes being the other pieces and me being the queen

You see my wishes and I protect my king which is my dream but once I get tired of wishing I soon forget about my dreams

So my wishes are to fight the battle for my King but with the Queen not caring the King full of dreams I soon to be captured

Captured and forgotten about

Never to be thought by the queen ever again

That’s it game over, but I can’t let that happen because I have too many dreams with in and the game is not over until they are accomplished

And that’s when I will stop dreaming and wishing

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