the one who was not saved

November 23, 2010
By samantha travis SILVER, Northglenn, Colorado
samantha travis SILVER, Northglenn, Colorado
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The chains on my hands holding me to the wall.
My mind racing with all my wrongs.
Blood coming out of the whip marks on my back.
My head hangs down cant do nothing but take the pain.
I try to break free but he over powers me.
I cry in the middle of the night hoping for someone to save me.
But no one hears, no one cares about the girl who lost her soul.
Every day i had a new pain to deal with.
He tryed to break me down The marks were all over my body.
He had a knife cutting me just enough to hear me cry in pain.
I wanted the pain tp stop for it all to end.
The room started to get darrk as he put his hands around my throat.
My mind started to go blank.
I could not breath. He wisspered in my ear. Its all over now..
He borke my neck.
He took a knife and cut out my heart and started to leave the room.
Leaving my body hanging from the chains
it was over the pain had stoped.
My body still lies in that room.
My soul in hell for the wrongs i did.
He took my heart, my love, my pain.
He said he loved me..
That i know was a lie.
He was a monster,a beast in the night.
But in the day he seems like a normal guy.
But i know the truth my body is the proof.
for he was killin me slowly

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