What I Wouldn't

November 26, 2010
By Jacktheskeleton SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Jacktheskeleton SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Favorite Quote:
The man who is the wealthiest isn't he whom posses the most money, but he who has the knowledge to realize that life is more than riches and materialistic things. (lmao..i so made that up and made it with big word's so it sounds like an original quote.)

What i wouldn't pay for one more smile
But one this time that'll actually last, one that'll stay a while
A laugh, a chuckle some form of happiness
This only happens sometimes,but fills me with a peaceful bliss

What i wouldn't do to move far away
From all the hurt, lies and tears that fill my day
To somewhere safe and secure
Somewhere where home isn't a question, where of home i am sure

What i wouldn't give to see all the people who hurt me pay
To get a taste of ther own medicine, see how you can be hurt with the thing's people say
They'd see how ugly they truly are, how ugly they can be
Though they have outer beauty, the true beauty lies within people like me

What i wouldn't pay for an unbroken heart
For a brand new life; a brand new start
For no more hurt, word's full of lies
For no more tears, no more cries

What i wouldn't do
For never ending peace
For sadnes to no longer exist; but to only cease

For happiness to last
And anger, sadness, and being heart broken to be only of the past.............

The author's comments:
So this seem's to be about me, well it seems to be. I honestly have no idea whhat this is actually about or whom, when i wrote it, i was kind of out in a daze i guess...so idk.Lol

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