Lost Love

November 18, 2010
By evansj1 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
evansj1 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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Looking back on those days of love
they were something great to remember
the soft yet prominent feeling of your touch
Was one of the few things I miss
when thinking back it’s hard to forget
those memories that made me hate

In the beginning, it is unthinkable to hate
because we were so madly in love.
We lived every moment and thought we would never forget
We couldn’t even think or try to remember
Because being single is not something we miss
But instead, I missed the touch

That caring and also risky touch
that some would start to hate
and here I am about to miss
that touch that I used to love
It’s the touch that I remember
But it’s the touch I must forget

The idea of you is the hardest to forget
Your skin against mine creating that special touch
The touch that I will remember
The touch I will grow to hate
I hate it because it’s what I love;
What I miss

And since you are such a nice young miss
It is almost impossible for me to forget
You and our once everlasting love
But because of that dreadful touch
The touch I have come to hate
Your memory is becoming harder to remember

And as I bring back that memory; to try and remember
I remember that despicable touch that I miss
But why is it the touch that I hate?
It’s because it’s the thing I can’t forget
That deadly and treacherous touch
that I love

I hate because I forget
And if I remember what I miss
It’s the touch that I love.

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