Dirty white streak

November 13, 2010
By Caity BRONZE, Calgary, Other
Caity BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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The colours in the sky
Are painted by the sun
As it begins it’s descent
Behind the still snow covered glacier
That lays across the water
The ocean, like a looking glass
Reflects the sky’s beauty

The waves lap against the beach
In time to the beat of my heart
In time to the whispering wind
That carries with it a salty scent
The calm is broken
By a newborn seal making a splash
But causing barely a ripple
To break across the tranquil bay

Suddenly- The roar of a plane
Breaks across the picture
A streak of dirty white
Against the pink sky
Almost instantaneously,
Like a bolt of lightning
A thought strikes my mind
Our world is sinking
Into a dark, polluted abyss
The bolt strikes in me
A terrifying image, only seen in nightmares

The cars leave behind them
A rank, unpleasant stench
Adding dangerously
To a pollution so ancient and vile
A grotesque monster
Eating away at our hearts
As it takes over the world
Like the Roman’s
Overtook Europe
But this vile monster- Shan’t leave;
No disease can kill it
No army can rid us of it
It has conquered our world
We are under it’s thumbs- Forever

The people are clenched
In-between pollution’s fists
The world, forever caught
Behind the smoky rank bars
Of centuries of unyielding pollution
A prison cell without a key
To unlock the grand lock
To free us from a hellish prison

My mind, once a pool of glass
Has filled with smoky images
Of people from years now past
The ones who invented
Such vile and unclean machines
We find in our world today
Monstrous machines
That have caused our world
To fall into turmoil
A slow descent into a new hell
A fiery reality- of a sickly old world
Poisoned by man’s pollutions
Our world is diseased
And no cure shall ever exist

I snap back to reality
My mind once again a pool of glass
The calming sight of the bay
Now alight with the moon and stars
Such a sight I’ve never seen
In all my life time
The soft whisper of the wind
Shall forever remind me
Of what has come to pass

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