A Night Perfect

November 25, 2010
Out the window, the stars beckon
Answering their call, I escape my prison
Grab the bike, out the gate
The bike glides, as if pulled by fate

A drizzle starts, I can taste it in the air
Nature's beauty so profound, I stop and stare
A tree illuminated by an ancient light
The rain falling before it, the beauty of this night!

As I lie down, I feel emptiness beside me
Nights like this must be shared, if it is my final plea
I don't want to be alone anymore, I need her embrace
She is still unknown, She is still without a face

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amicrazyorisitjusteveryoneelse said...
Feb. 20, 2011 at 6:52 pm
There is someone out there.  You'll know it when you see her.
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