One Heart, Two Thieves.

November 24, 2010
By jh6-4ever SILVER, Cornish Flat, New Hampshire
jh6-4ever SILVER, Cornish Flat, New Hampshire
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One heart, two thieves,
One stands right before her eyes,
One is gone, and lost the key.

She loves these two men,
They were both warm and kind,
But that was before the days,
The played with her mind.

Shall she choose the one whose heart has grown old,
Or the one that is fresh, but slightly vacant, bitter, and cold?
Does she choose the one that was good to her,
The one she cried about,
Or does she choose the one who’s mean,
Doesn’t love her, this is no doubt

Does she choose the one that is true, but has sadly faded away,
Into the night and throughout the day,
He left upon his journey,
To the place where she was not,
To the place of lonely

But there is another man,
That could take his place,
But would she take the risk?
Her heart is at stake

It had happened once before,
With the same, cocky man,
He had offered her his heart, offered her his hand,
But like a joke he tricked her,
And instead offered her nothing,
He was nothing but a sham,
But she could not help but love him

For this she did not know,
All she knew was that she loved him, but was afraid to show,
The proof of this insanity,
The proof of this stupidity,
To love something like him,
With nothing but black underneath his skin

But she could not stop thinking about the kind man,
Who stole away her heart,
And the other man,
Who was selfish and scarred,
The man who knew the words
That would woo her,
The words made up of letters.
The letters of remembrance,
Letters she could not forget,
And so he was in her mind too.

One heart, two thieves,
One stands before her fearful eyes,
The other gone, and lost her key,
The key she had given him,
With all the confidence in the world,
The key to her heart,
The one that would start,
The beginning of their relationship,
But she was in love and shouldn’t have been,
For he left all too soon,
And left her sitting alone,
Alone to swoon,
Over the new man she had seen,
The one who had ripped her heart before,
And she could not help but love him,
She could not help but adore,
The gentle features of his face,
The line of his jaw,
And the kind way he was to her,
She thought she saw,
His very soul, out in the open,
She thought he had opened it for her to see,
But no, it was not,
It was fake, unreal, totally obscene,
For she had seen this play before,
With the other men she had loved,
But these were the two,
That made her want to tug,
Hold onto the end of life,
Just slip away into nothing,
To lose all of the feeling,
Of when the first man came running

To choose between these two,
Would be the hardest thing to do,
Too bad the only one that’s there,
Is the one who broke her heart,
And the one who she truly loved,
Was barely there from the start

So she decided to give up,
To stop telling this sad tale,
Of her one heart,
And the two thieves,
That stole it.
Stole it from within her,
From her very own soul,
One with the heart of ember, one with the heart of coal,
And she loved them both,
Still does to be exact,
Because the woman here is I,
The one who would almost die,
To not have to chose,
Between the two beautiful thieves.

The author's comments:
This was a personal experience. I loved this one boy, and we had an amazing (short) relationship. He moved away.
Then there was this other boy, who I had had a relationship with before, and I found myself falling for him, despite the fact that he was a jerk.

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