It's Hard ( Holding Back Tears)

November 20, 2010

Every single day this world gives me reasons to be sad.
Holding back these tears of mine is just making mad.
I hate seeing the face of my mom and dad,
When they looking at me like I did something bad.
When they heard that I was crying up in class.
But nobody in this freaking world knows how hard it is to hold back.
These tears rolling down my cheek fast.
And I'm trying to stop them from ,
Going and flowing.
Knowing that this will not last.
Showing the whole class,
The tears that I have,
I try to wipe them off,
But everybody just laughs.
I hate being that guy in the corner in the back.
Writing my name and another girls in black.
With red heart in the middle.
You know you're too scared to talk to her but you this scribble.
And the notebook falls in front of the main jock's path.
In of course he picks it up instead just walking pass.
And he shows it to the students and the staff.
And give it to the girl that you like named Jass.
She looks at it,
And rip it up,
Then throw it in the trash.
So you run over there and throw it in your bag.
Because that meant something to you because you worked hard on that.
And every single day you're getting aske by your peers.
What's wrong,
And you keep telling them that it's hard holding backs your tears

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