A Letter

November 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Great Grandfather,

Where are you now?
did god send you to heaven, are you living in peace above me in the sky or clouds.

Are you happily looking down at me watching me grow and learn
will you be ashamed of me if I’m not who you wish me to be.

Oh I wish I knew if you were ok and could talk to you
I wish you could just tell me what your life is like now.

Won’t you please guide me to be a good person, I don’t know if I’m doing things right
I heard your advice, and I will always keep it in my heart, but know it’s hard to be myself.

Why did something so harmful have to happen to you?
Why did god pick you, where you blessed or cursed.

If only we could control our lives, I was so scared for you, and know i don’t know what to feel
Happy for you or frightened.

Great Grandfather send me a message, telling me everything is going to be okay
I have always loved you as you have me, and I want us to both be okay.

Love your great granddaughter,


The author's comments:
My Great Grandfather past away in 2006 and I was very close to him so this peopm is written to him to show my love.

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