Thoughts of you.

November 19, 2010
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Why do everyday i think about you?
wonder what your doing?
what your thinking?
asking myself if you love her?

I choke up when i hear your name
all the memories wash back up.
Your like my own drug
that i cant get away from.

Your name was wrote on my wall by you,
and there it still is.

Theres a huge hole where my heart is that you left
its getting bigger and bigger everyday.
being stuffed with misery and sorrow..

I tell you im okay
my heart is fighting to tell you "i love you and im a mess"
I try to train myself to hate you...
then my heart starts to bleed,
my body goes numb.

Do you still love me?
like i do?
Your love haunts me
and forever it will
i feel like im drowning in your sweet pressence.

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