November 21, 2010
By Muslimahsweetheart4ever BRONZE, New York City, New York
Muslimahsweetheart4ever BRONZE, New York City, New York
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"And if i has 2 walk a miles 2 find ur smile u noe i would babe!" - Miranda cosgrove

What creations live in this world?
Whose tiny souls inhabit this universe?
An evil shadow is creeping up on us
Gradually it will dominate and devour us
Soon we will Disintegrate.
Vain and Violent
Life- Threatening,

Engaged in only themselves,

Criminal Minded,
Are liable for the blood that is shed
The tears that are spilt
And the lives that are shattered!
Of what right do you have to hurt us?
Who is wicked enough to lay their hands on the innocent!
For those who find joy out of pulling a trigger
Here’s a message for you!
We all have a weakness
And I will discover your’s!
The stink of Violence reeks in the air
It pollutes our thoughts
The very core of our
Heart and mentality is dieing out
The fear in our eyes must be scarce
The point of a knife is no threat to us
Nor, shall the roaring thunder of a gun frighten us!
When a child weeps we will ensure it’s safety
Let us make the victories in Fairytales
Emerge in reality
Be the reason for a another’s smile!!!
Be the reason for a another’s laughter!!!
Rather then melancholy
Let ecstasy flow in the air!
Violence is the pain of both the Heart and Body
It shall deliver no mercy!
It’s core is our weakness
We will come hand in hand to show those heartless Predators
We will not be their preys
We will reveal to them their sinful errors!
Angels are our guardians
But devils and demons roam the skies
Who will be our hero?
We are our heroes!
Every moment we reject the slaughter and massacre
Every time we lend a hand
Lives are saved and Hearts are healed
Gangs that are formed are not the answer to peace
Only to end the young lives too soon
Wars are no solution to conflicts
Heaven is where we all hope to go
But those devoted to violence mustn’t even think of it!
The devil has no right in our world!
Violence is an omen that can be over thrown!
Gangs are not a larger struggle
But a weak cluster of people who believe spilling
Blood will resolve their troubles!
It only leaves an endless hole in the soul
No we cannot let them win!
A cloud of darkness is not a strong foundation
But the thousands of hearts that worship love!
Hatred is the result of brutality and death
When the cold heartless deeds burden us
We mustn’t let it break our backs
We will be avenged through words of peace
Not through the actions of manslaughter
Let love bring a ray of sunshine to the world
Together we can dig for the beauty in all!!!
Whose ugliness is our dilemma
Shall witness our mercy
We mustn’t drown to hatred
But show all the everlasting power of love!
There is no secret in the dominance of love
Only the urge to help others and a true human heart
We cannot be vulnerable and gullible to evil
We must be sentinel to all
Only then can we mend the holes in the world
Let our hearts interlock into one
And make evil extinct and scarce for the millions of generations that have yet to come!
Let us make the victories in Fairytales
Emerge in reality Hand In Hand!

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