I Love youu

November 21, 2010
I wish I could spend every second with you, hugging me then saying "I love you".
I wish I could have fun with you like I used to.
I wish I could have you back not that other slut.
I wish I could change for you but I am me and I will not change that.
I wish I could have your description of perfect, big boobs, long blonde shiny hair, and bright blue eyes that glisten in the sun but that will always be impossible.
I wish I could take back the love that i gave to you but you didn't return it.
I wish I could forget the good times and presents we gave eachother.
But now your with a slut,giving her the same treatment as me,then dumping her on the curb,you wish you could have everything,but if you open your blood shot eyes then you could see you have a slut,a slut that wants you for drugs and money,so if you ever want me back don't try because you broke my heart once and I will not let you do it again,so,on this note,Goodbye.

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