You're smashed.

January 10, 2008
By Jessica Ramirez, Lafox, IL

You're smashed.
Like a bum on the street.
Telling your four hour stories as you slurr your words.
I would have never known.
Behind your smiles and laughter, i see pain.
It's like it's seeping into the walls
The house is dull & grey.
An abusive husband.
Locked up.
Let it go and forget the pain he's put you through.
A daughter whose given up.
Drop your things.
Look past her beautiful blue eyes.
Can't you see?
She's broken.
A handsome son.
He's put the food on the table.
Given you everything you could ask for.
But no appreciation.
The provider.
I blame it on you.
Does ten drinks a day make your pain go away?
You're blind.
You shove her to the wall for all your mistakes.
But it's just getting worse.
Day by day.
And you're too smashed to care.

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