Can't Regret

November 6, 2010
By , Denver, CO
I can't regret this
The proper choice
Yet I'm struck dumb
I've lost my voice
6 pages left
I'll give them to you
Here I'll be honest
I'll tell you the truth
You've taught me so much
I'll never forget
But I'll say it again
I cannot regret

I'll never forget you
The memories are sweet
I would never go back
And have us not meet
I'll hold on the good times
I'll admit some were bad
But don't get too torn up
I hate when your sad
I can't take these words back
In stone they are set
I'll say it again
I cannot regret

Silence is golden
But tonight yours is black
I'm sorry but I
Simply can't take you back
It would be nice to go back to
When things were so good
I hate giving up
But I feel like I should
Pain has lots to offer
Looks like that's what I'll get
But I'll say it again
I cannot regret

I'll give one last stanza
That's all that I need
To say that I loved you
You meant so much to me
You made my life brighter
You shone like a sun
But night always falls
You hurt me in the long run
But wait there's one more thing
I'm not finished yet
I lied when I said
That I don't regret

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