What is Love ( Freestyle Poem )

November 20, 2010

Love is a song,
Heard by your heart.
Sometimes it's long,
But other times it needs a new start.
But it doesn't mean it's wrong,
If you have to depart.

Love is a game,
Played by two people,
Sometimes the two users complain,
Because the game is not equal.
You can climb up the chains,
But never let it defeat you.

Love is a feeling,
It depends on how you feel,
If it's real.
But sometimes you're goin need healing.

Love is a person,
That you call an angel,
That you think is perfect,
And it comes in different angles.

Love is in people eyes,
You can see it every day,
It's never in disguise,
You can tell by the way,
That they look at each other,
Like they need one another.

Love is your family,
Your sister,
And your brothers,
You kiss them because you love em,
Your father,
And your mother.

Love is your child,
Your daughter,
Your son,
Are the ones,
That makes this world wild.

Love is something that this world lacks,
Something that we had that aint never coming back.

But there are still few people in this world that knows what love is.
Something that you should show to everybody,
But people still don't show it.

Love is for your family,
Your friends,
The ones that said that they're there until the ends,
Your enemies,
The ones trying to get into me,

What's the reason to show hate,
Because that's just goin make me fall,
So say what you have to say,
I still have love for all.

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