Insanly Sane

November 20, 2010
I'm insanely sane,
Sanely insane,
I know it's a little strange,
But to me they're the same,
They both bring pain,
And I find pain in fun,
Fun in pain,
Fun is the sun,
Pain is the rain,
I find rain in the sun,
Sun in rain,
Take a moment in read it again,
What's your second impression,
Is it depression,
Or am I'm just pressing,
The fact that I'm depressing,
Or maybe I was depressed,
And conquered it,
Is that a blessing,
Is that a lesson,
To be taught,
To an adolescent.
Or maybe I fought,
Alot of affections,
That was going in,
Alot of directions.
Is this my life story,
Or is this a message,
That I'm thinking insane,
Insanely thinking.
With my eyes closed,
Dangerously blinking,
Because I don't know,
What this world holds,
Because I can't see,
Because this world has,
Blinded me,
And the only thing I can look at is the finer things,
But the finest thing,
Is blinded to me,
I can only see the outside of it,
The outside, I like,
But the inside I love it.
When many others don't think nothing of it.
So am I craving something crazy,
Or crazily craving.
Engraving the faces of the lady's,
Future husband and babies.
Or maybe,
The thing I want is not a human being,
Maybe just a thing,
That brings,
What the human brought,
That I have severely lost,
At what cost.
That math is unknown.
But if I continue this path,
Will I get a clone,
Of The same equation,
With a different situation.
Will that bring,
A different motivation.
Or just the same temptation.
Because I ignore ignorance,
But ignorantly ignore,
The ones that I adore.
Not just people that are loved,
But the ones right at the core.
And I'm sure,
That I'm lively dead,
I'm dead while alive.
When i die,
Will my spirit rise,
Or be declined,
And Fall down,
In just lie,
On the ground.
At least I know it will be light,
Coming from the flames.
At this time I'd know that,
This world was a game,
That I played,
Just not well,
Because I fell,
Because I'm sanely insane.

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