They Try To Bring Me Down

November 20, 2010

They try to bring me down, 1.mentally.
They try to bring me down, 2.emotionally.
They try to bring me down, 3.physically.
But I won't let them get to me.

They try to bring me down,
By making me feel like I shouldn't come around.
Like I'm a cat in a dog pound.

They try to bring me down,
And make me feel pain that should never be felt.
You can hurt me by 1 or 3,
But 2 is just something else.
And now I'm feeling messed up,
And I really need help.
Because when it comes to 1 and 2,
I am not feeling like myself.
They words feel like bullets,
Coming to the chest.
This world found the trigger and pulled it,
And now I got nothing left.
Besides a puddle of blood and tears.
But I'm use to it,
Because it has been a flood every year.
Just hopping one day the rain will disappear.

Rain, rain go away,
Give me a chance to breathe,
Because this pain knows a way,
To make me feel like I am beat.
They make me feel too scared to speak.
I think that they would come right after me.
And after me,
Will be my kids,
And I hope,
That they won't be as half beat,
As me.
Praying that they don't learn they're numbers,
Because it gets no worse than 1,2,and 3.

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