They Try To Bring Me Down

They try to bring me down, 1.mentally.
They try to bring me down, 2.emotionally.
They try to bring me down, 3.physically.
But I won't let them get to me.

They try to bring me down,
By making me feel like I shouldn't come around.
Like I'm a cat in a dog pound.

They try to bring me down,
And make me feel pain that should never be felt.
You can hurt me by 1 or 3,
But 2 is just something else.
And now I'm feeling messed up,
And I really need help.
Because when it comes to 1 and 2,
I am not feeling like myself.
They words feel like bullets,
Coming to the chest.
This world found the trigger and pulled it,
And now I got nothing left.
Besides a puddle of blood and tears.
But I'm use to it,
Because it has been a flood every year.
Just hopping one day the rain will disappear.

Rain, rain go away,
Give me a chance to breathe,
Because this pain knows a way,
To make me feel like I am beat.
They make me feel too scared to speak.
I think that they would come right after me.
And after me,
Will be my kids,
And I hope,
That they won't be as half beat,
As me.
Praying that they don't learn they're numbers,
Because it gets no worse than 1,2,and 3.

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