A Book

November 20, 2010

I found this really good book,
Outside of the mall,
It was opened to all.
You can tell it was about to break,
Because the pages was about to fall.
It seemed like it has suffered so much abuse.
But it that an accuse,
Not to buy it,
Just because it has been used,
It seemed really confused,
Not knowing what to do.
Because most people just walks by,
But I wanted to try and make it brand new.
But the book just refused.
It wanted to stay the same,
Or maybe it thought I came,
To bring it more pain,
But I'm just trying to figure out the name.
And what it is about,
Because the description in the back
Wasn't really screaming out,
At least not that loud.
So I tried to help it out, and buy it,
So I can owned it,
But the librarian didn't really want to lone it.
He didn't even give the book a say, or a chance.
I just wanted to show the book that I'm it's #1 fan.
Of the book and the author,
And maybe he would give me an offer.
To take the book out,
And read it.
So I can figure it out,
Man I need it.
So maybe I can give it a new cover.
Show it that it has an owner that loves her.
And put it on a new shelf,
Let it know if it open up,
It can still stand by itself.

So as the days went on,
And the page went on,
It seem liked the days went long,
And the pain on the page got strong.
And turned into smiles.
Seeing the brand new book,
Made my life worth wild.
And as much as I read,
I'm never ever finish,
I hope to read forever,
And this book be never ending.

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