You Cry They Die

November 20, 2010
When you cry,
They die,
When you smile,
They frown.
When you're looking at the sky,
They are looking at the ground.
Because there are a lot of reasons to look down for them,
Because a lot of people are looking down at them.
When you're crying because you just got a scratch,
They're crying because they got there arm cut off,
And will never get it back.
There are girls on the other side,
With no clothes being raped,
So you girls complaining,
That you have to many marks on your face.
Try having a gun to your face,
Forced to choose to have it be your last day,
Or kill the one that brought you in this place.
And if you think that the decision is easy,
And you can make it fast,
But on top of that,
You just saw your little brother laying dead in the trash.
So if you think it's real bad,
When you don't get everything for christmas,
Remember there are people wishin,
That they could have a wishlist,
That actually gets granted.
Instead they're being handed,
Ak47s and grenades,
Being told to plant it,
So there wish is,
That they can die,
Just to get of this planet.
Because anything is better than looking at dead bodies,
Especially red boodies,
Floating in red puddles,
With a gun in your hand,
Dealing with dead struggles.
Being commanded,
And handed,
Bullets that don't vanish,
And if you don't cooperate,
You're dis banned,
From the dead puddle,
On top is a dead huddle.
Some from being shot,
Some not,
They just starved to death,
That might be the hardest death,
It's easier if it goes fast,
So you take it day by day,
Not knowing which will be your last,
You just know that you started and goin end up in a grave.
So when you think live is so bad,
Try being a slave,
To your own kind,
How could you keep a straight face,
Or the right state of mind.
So when you day end you lay down and you're crying,
Just remember it's better than being seconds away,
From laying in your own grave dying.

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