the Girls, the Drinks, the Drugs ( Freestyle Poem )

November 20, 2010

Never in my life,
Has the darkness,
Seemed so bright.
It beams so bright.
I mean it's the only thing I have,
Since my fight with the light.
We fought a couple times,
But that night,
Was the worse.
When I received the curse.
I always thought the sun shine,
Would be so nice.
But when you're constantly high,
You are constantly low.
Abusing and using girls,
Rolling down strip poles,
Is at low as it goes,
In this world.
Not caring about consequences,
Just thinking about the actions.
And today's satisfaction.
Don't care about mathematics,
Addition or subtraction.
Just care about three things,
The girls,
The drinks,
And the drugs.
Everyday living life like a pimp,
And a thug.
It's not right,
But it's the only way I find love.
But who needs it.
Smoke until my eyes turn red,
Like they are bleeding.
I guess you already know the lifestyle,
There's no need to repeat it.
Drink until I get mad at the world,
And now I'm heated.
If a girls come try stopping me,
I am beating.
And some people reading,
Did I read this right,
Well believe it,
What else am I suppose to do with my life,
I'm not feigning,
This right here is the true meaning.
With no education, money,
Or love,
I'm forced to,
Use women,
And Drugs.

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