The Devil Does Walk

November 20, 2010
The Devil does walk,
I looked him in the eye.
And he looked in mine.
He saw a lot of fear,
I saw a lot of tears,
But no he didn't cry.
He was looking at the out,
But I was looking in the inside.
I saw a lot of people.
He said he send them all out to deceive you.
I told alot of people.
He said don't bother,
None of them will believe you.
In plus they know I'm out here,
But they don't pay no caution,
But I keep on buying these souls in my auction.
He said I'm the only way,
It's me,
Or it's a coffin.
He pulled out a mirror,
And yes I saw the flames.
It was all over my skin,
And it was all over I sin,
And the message was sent.
But later I found out the truth was really bent.

Burning in the inside,
In all I see is red.
Then all I see is a head,
That said,
There's another way,
You don't have to make your own death bed.
And shining with lights,
A man that took away all of my frights,
And all my lonely nights,
And all of my fights,
And all of my wrongs,
And replaced them with rights,
And took away all of my sight,
Because he was just too bright,
For life,
And he said forever you will shine in the lights.

I tried to find the devil,
But he seemed to ran away,
Or with some much light filled into my days.
No longer can I see him,
No longer can I meet him.
No longer I have to have the fear that nobody can defeat him.
No longer will I need him.
No longer will I feed him.
No longer will I be bleeding.
No longer will I be reaching,
Out to the devil,
I know that he's alive,
I know that he walks,
And talk,
But in me he died.

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