What is Depression ( Freestyle Poem )

November 20, 2010

What really is depression,
Crooked affections,
Going in different directions,
A blessing,
All balled up in one lesson.
To be taught,
It's brought,
In short or long sessions.
Is it something to be messed with.
Or maybe we should let it,
Die on its own,
But where do we go,
To a friends house,
Or let it die in our home.
It all seems so hectic.
Or maybe it's a disease,
That's spreadin,
I think the question is,
Not what it is,
It's is you infected.
And you know the symptoms,
You feel it,
There's no need to be tested.
But when you got it can it be cured.
Or does it just make you breathless.
Can somebody give me answer to these questions,
I got a hypothesis,
But I'm too scared to test it.
No money is infested,
I don't want to get injected.
My heart is fine,
And I need to protect it.
So I don't go out reckless.
They said go to the light,
But I only know darkness,
So I just left it.
Should I had neglect it,
Maybe that's why I'm depressing.

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