What is a Dream ( Freestyle Poem)

November 20, 2010

What is a Dream,
Is a thing,
That seems,
It's giving you directions,
Is it your affections.
And if it is should I do what I am told,
Or maybe it's showing what I shouldn't do.
Or is it just what my mind hold,
In a twisted away,
Bent out of shape every single day.
Who knows.
Can you give me an answer,
Give me a solution,
Or maybe a conclusion,
Or maybe you're confused in,
The fact that I'm confused and you find that amusing.
Or maybe my heart is just using,
My mind,
To tell me I'll never know until I try.
But I feel if I do my heart will be abused in,
The fact that I am losing,
In this dream.
So should I keep it a fantasy,
Or turn it into reality.

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