Judging ( Girls Point Of View )

November 20, 2010

They go judging me on my outside appearance,
Even though my inside is equally near it.
But they still say my outside is on another level,
It's higher than the ceiling,
It's on top of a building.
I'm not trying to make it seem like the only thing these guys want is sex
But they just want to make out,
They're not trying to talk or text.
My heart is screaming out for him to spend some more time with me,
But I'm the only one that hears it.
He knows it's coming so he doesn't listen or pay attention.
He doesn't try to come near it
Because he fear it.
He knows he would have to talk about his feelings,
And he claims that he has been hurt too much,
And he don't want to make it worse
Because his tears has to go work too much.
I feel like he won't get a chance to see the real me,
Because my heart doesn't has a chance because it's in pieces.
And he doesn't bothers to sweep it.
He just look at it and leave it.
So my heart isn't making any progress,
It's not getting any achievements.
How could it when the only thing he see,
Is my face,chest,backside,
And not my inner beauty.
Or the things that I do for the community,
And how I am the first in my class,
Or how I can make a guy laugh,
When he is down.
But the only time they come around,
Is when they hear you're putting out.
And that's why.

They go judging
And judging,
And judging me.
So they don't get a chance to see the real me.
They don't get a chance to see who I am.
Because they go judging on the outside instead of the in.

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