An Undoubtful Friendship

November 20, 2010
By Millifickle GOLD, Madison, Ohio
Millifickle GOLD, Madison, Ohio
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- Oscar Wilde -

The day i met him

Was the greatest of all

He came over with his friend

And I realized hes not that tall.

Hes taller than me

But shorter than his friend

A good hearted person

Whos friendship wont ever bend.

I can trust him with all my heart

Because he simply said so

He's willing to stick up for me

Even when I tell him no.

He complains when hes at school

He'd much rather be in bed

But when i wake up in the morning

Theres a lot to be said:

Good morning with a smiley face

Or me giving him hell

For falling asleep on me the night before

And not bothering to tell.

He always has something good to say

I laugh all the time

Couldnt ask for a better friend

Who never crosses the line.

Shy, caring, nice, and thoughtful

Are the four words that describe

The friend that I've made

Who sends off a good vibe.

When he drives down the road

I hear the sound of a horn

It makes me chuckle inside

Because I had been warned

That I would be hearing a beep

When driving past my house

I smile when I hear it

Knowing hes not quiet like a mouse.

He says I'm not a bad person in any means

And when I need to talk hes all ears

I can tell him my darkest secret

Feeling like I have nothing to fear.

All thats left to say

Is hes a really good friend

Theres nothing doubtful or negative about it

I hope this friendship never ends.

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