The Inferno's Embrace

November 1, 2010
By RchdHgnt23 SILVER, Waynesburg, Ohio
RchdHgnt23 SILVER, Waynesburg, Ohio
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Is it wrong to desire
to succumb to the fire

To be cast into flames
but not feel the pain.

An uncurable want to feel the burn
But you need not be filled with concerned

For I love the way it feels
all the demons it conceals

Of anger or saddness,to pain and distraught
They all burn to ashes,with the darkness it brought

So it wrong to wish for that firey hot need
When its one of the only things left that makes my soul free

The author's comments:
I love fire...Thats the best way to put it. I'm just honoring the element that makes me feel at peace.

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