The Lies he told Me..

November 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Lies He told Me
imagine Life As a Whistle
That Whips Through The Air,
With The Wind Blowing
Your Sweet Long Beautiful Hair
Think That The World Is Grand
And There Was No War
Think The World Was Great And Not Such a Bore
Would You imagine Something Wonderful
Outside Every Doom
Or Pretend Everything Was Fine
And Hide In Your Room
Do You Understand Time
Do You Understand
The Place Do You understand

Why The Tears Are Rolling Down Your Sweet Face
Do You Remember The Lies
They told You When You Were Young,
Or Do You Remember The Times That The phone Never Rung,
I Remember The Times, When I Sat Up All Night Wishing
He Would Come, To End The Sudden Fright,
I Recall the Past, And How We Were Both
Chosen last
There Were Times That Were Different
Times He Cared
but I Don't Remember Those Times
Perhaps They Never Were There
He Told Me He Loved Me
He Told Us He Loved Her
But He Left Us In Such
A Rush I Don't Remember
The Words, It Was Only
A Blur
I Think This Might Be An
Epiphany In My Life
Where I Recall The Times and In
My Hand Theres
A Knife
These Times
I Remember
Leave me broken and weak
and when he looked at my face
I couldn't even speak
He lied to me always he lied to me again
This is the last time
This is the end
I Won't Remember his words
I Won't morn when he dies
But i am my father's daughter
So i know
These last words

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