November 17, 2010
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Life, you give and take away
Life, I ask but you never say
Life, what I ask for you put out of sight
Life, what I never wanted you give me a bite
Life, you cut me deep
Life, you don’t say a peep
Life, you give me joy
Life, you use me as a carless toy
Life, I will never understand you
Life, who ever knew?
Life, you’re unpredictable
Life, you’re surly not sensible
Life, you are dead
Life, you mess with my head
Life, you kick me when I’m down
Life, you tug on my frown
Life, you're hard to see
Life, you harass me
Life, you’re the cherry on top
Life, you give the firework the pop
Life, you lift me up
Life, you're a new born pup
Life, you're the unexpected kiss
Life, you're the one I miss
Life, you're all my heart
Life, you're what makes friends part
Life, you're my chemistry book
Life, you're the one they took
Life, you're the one they talk about
Life, you gave the little boy the pout
Life, you speak in code
Life, you're the winding road
Life, what can I say
Life, you're my four way.

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