The Cry

November 17, 2010
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She sits there in the cold, dark room
Scared to death of what he may do.

Quietly searching for someway out,
Unsure how this all cam about.

She catches a glimpse of her past fate.
Terrified of the scared from pain and hate.

Eyes of rage light the room of dark;
As each hit made leaves a deep-red mark.

No one can hear her cry of help.
Her courage to stand can't help but melt.

This pain she lives will never fade.
In the mirror she sees the mess he's made.

No one can see the truth of it all..
Every night she crys a bigger waterfall.

She prays everyday to be broken free,
But he locks her in captive so no one will see.

He grasps her arm so tight and firm
She trys to fight back , but can only squirm.

It's been twelve years now, same routine every night.
Although she expects it, it gives her a fright.

She's given up with no strength to fight back.
Love is all shes need, and love is what she lacks.

When all is done she lays in her bed.
Thanking God that she's not dead.

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