A Secret Left Untold

November 17, 2010
By ToriSloan PLATINUM, Grapevine, Texas
ToriSloan PLATINUM, Grapevine, Texas
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"Our hope comes from knowing we've already won"

"Gravitation is NOT responsible for people falling in love." -Albert Einstien

Five years, a secret was left untold.
A mystery that she wanted to unfold.

But, she was so scared that he wouldn't care.
She kept her mouth shut, so her heart wouldn't tear.

Three more years, the secret was still safe.
Something had told her to never loose her faith.

But, because nothing happened, her feelings just faded.
She just gave up on him, cause all his love was gated.

He was a handsome knight, and she was just a slave.
To her, it seems as though she's stuck in a cave.

Someplace quiet where the knights didn't go.
A place where he'd never notice a girl so low.

As if he would love a slave, or so she thought.
But a year later, her love for him, he sought.

He saw her in the garden towards the end of summer.
Nervously thinking about how to tell her he loved her.

See, he'd never thought she'd go for him.
So telling her this is going out on the limb.

He gave up on her love a couple years ago.
But, now he found out that she loved him so.

They both really wanted to give thier love a try.
He looked at her, kissed her, and she just gave a sigh.

So they set up for a date one lovely night.
They look at all the stars up in their sight.

A knight and a slave, how could they ever be as one.
It might be a bumpy ride, but they know it'll be fun.

Now here they stand wedding hand in hand.
She's finally has her life complete with this man.

A secret's never best to keep untold.
A secret's always better to let unfold.

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