Quiet Day

November 17, 2010
By LindsayFH BRONZE, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
LindsayFH BRONZE, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
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The smooth, grainy sand between my toes
Gives me peace and serenity as I walk
I watch the waves tumble to shore
I take in the salty air
And my mind clears in the silence

Peering into the distance,
I observe the dolphins as they weave through the water
I watch the ripples of the water connect to the waves
I gaze down upon my book
That draws me into a different world of fantasy and delight
I can't help but think what a wonderful day it's been
sun bathing on the smooth,grainy sand
collecting shells along the shoreline
And reading my book that soothes me

Looking out into the ocean,
Encourages me to dream of life ahead
Then the sun begins to set
and the heat slowly drifts off
And there goes my quiet day, slowly fading away.

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