Whtie Window

November 17, 2010
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Raindrops pelt against my white window
As I flip through the pages of my book
My eyes skim over the words
I take notice of the rain as I read

Snuggling my pink pillow
Wrapped in my childhood blanket
I close my book for a moment
The house is vacant
I'm serene...relaxed
I look out my window,
Dark clouds smeared across the sky
Chills run down my arms
My shoulders shrug and shudder
As I pull up my blanket
The warmth radiates through me
I sink into my bed
Turning away from the window
I go back to my boook


I continue to read in the quiet of the day
Not having a reason wanting to play
The falling rain keeps me inside
The drops have a tune that makes me weary
I begin to shut my eyes
Falling into a deep sleep
With nobody to wake me

I sleep the quiet day away
With dark clouds smeared across the sky
As raindrops pelt against my white window

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