Candy Romance

November 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Icing skin and sugar lips
Peppermint teeth, cavity kiss.
Liquorice hair, so long and fine
Sweet boy, please say you’ll be mine.
Perfect nails from a marzipan mould
With haribo rings instead of gold.
My open mouth, your marshmallow tongue
Your taste of strawberry bubblegum
Tongue stud juicy gumdrop
Thirsty for your fizzy pop.
So deep and warm, your chocolate eyes
Show me, feed me a candy surprise
Powerless to resist the feast
Give me heaven that I can eat!
I gotta sweet tooth, need my fix
Here’s my sherbet, dip your stick.
Dolly beads around each wrist
Bite them off and leave the string
I want to suck your lollipop
Sugar rush, please don’t stop!
Ice-cream breath on my face
My fairy cake to decorate
Brain freeze as I fall in love
No-one else is sweet enough
Savouring your delicious parts
I won’t break your candy heart.
Bound together by cola lace
Free forever to touch and taste
Your morphine touch, I’ll take a chance
You and me in a candy romance.

The author's comments:
This is a light-hearted humorous piece, describing intimacy using candy as a metaphor. There are some references to sex in this poem. I hope it is a fun read.

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