Without You

November 16, 2010
By Jacqueline93 SILVER, Exline, Iowa
Jacqueline93 SILVER, Exline, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
If what you want doesn't want you back, then so be it. It doesn't deserve you anyways.

I'm actually just fine without you
You may not believe me, but oh how it's true
After all you've put me through, I finally deserve more
Now that I think back, what did I ever need you for?
I look so good, smiling on my own
It feels as if months, or years have flown
My eyes are shining and mind is so clear
Being without you, why did I ever fear
Here without you, i can see what I need
And to reach this, there is no need to plead
For clearly, it was never you, but me
Me who needed to see that 'me' is who I need to be
And so I will go on, without a single scar
For without you, I'll go so far
So goodbye for good, but before I go
There is one thing I would like for you to know
I am sure you now believe it to be true,
I am just fine, without you.

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