Giving In

November 6, 2010
By , Denver, CO
She's finding love sooner than she planned
He kisses her and holds her hand
And she doesn't understand
He says he'll wait until the right time
But things can change in the blink of an eye
And she can read all of his signs
He's ready now and she wants to be too
But she doesn't know what to do
She has to wait, it feels too soon
Her vow is too sacred to forget
He told her forever, no time limit set
But she doesn't know if she trusts him yet
It's gone too far already now
But she doesn't quite know how
To tell him that they should slow down
Almost too late, she has to make her choice
Either let go, or raise her voice
EVERYTHING resting on this choice
Time can go unnaturally fast
And feelings never seem to last
Forget the future and the past
Think of what's happening when you don't speak
You're strong, and giving in is weak

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