Fallen Angel

November 9, 2010
Darling, who ripped off your halo,
and unclasped the cross around your neck?
who left you dirty and naked
leaving on your bedside table nothing but a check?

I sit across the street,
On this cold hard bench
You stand tall at the corner
Smiling and proud, even though your muscles clench.

You had dreams like any other girl
Wanted to be an actress
But now this sidewalk is your red carpet
These men are your fans, admiring you in that dress.

You hoped to fall in love,
Just like me
You turned up here instead,
You think those chains on your bed are a decree

But this is not true
You can still find love
Those foul men lust and lick their lips
But I on the other hand, am someone you could dream of

Leaving that bed
Soiled with shameful memories
And start a new life with
Holding your hand, and not letting go for centuries.

I can't help but feel jealousy
When you walk into that apartment
You are beautiful and dressed up
But when that man leaves you will not feel atonement

I hope that one clear night
you will look and see me smile
and when you realize this does not have to be your life
I will be here, I don’t mind if it takes awhile

And I will replace that lost halo
And on your neck return that cross
I will hold your face in my hands
And kiss your angel wings, with me you will never be at loss

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