A Special Kind of Butterfly

November 28, 2010
By Anonymous

A Special Kind of Butterfly

I’m not the type of butterfly
That glides to flowers all around.
I am the type that are deep inside you
Hiding all safe and sound.

I flutter within you every once in a while
Making you feel an unusual way.
There are special occasions that I am released
But I still cannot fly away.

When you’re scared or anxious I’ll pay you a visit
You’ll feel me dancing inside.
I’m the butterflies you feel in your tummy
At times your emotions won’t hide.

I give you that feeling every now and then
When that special someone walks by.
Or when you get nervous to talk to him
When his smile makes you feel shy.

I will come out and visit sometime in the future
And maybe we can chat.
About why you are excited or scared you can tell me
Talking to butterflies, imagine that!

The author's comments:
Every Junior High School girl has a crush that gives them butterflies when she sees him! That is why I wrote this poem!

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