Here's to You, Summer of 8th Grade

November 21, 2010
By HowOldAreYou SILVER, Willow Park, Texas
HowOldAreYou SILVER, Willow Park, Texas
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Awkward stages,
band aid hands.
8th grade English
and far away lands.

Eggs hitting stop signs.
Double dare.
We've got thoughts in our heads
but not a single care.

Hobby Lobby,
formal dresses.
Math tests,
and educated guesses.

Mall-sized churches,
whispered prayer.
Denied a bible,
a bit unfair.

New York smog,
asthma attack.
1,270 feet,
I'd prefer to stand back.

Fast paced summer,
shortening line.
Our plus has switched
to a minus sign.

The plane soon lowers
and touches the ground.
What I would give
to turn back around.

The author's comments:
Written about the time from the last week of 8th grade to the week I came home from New York.

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