November 15, 2010
By RyanLynnK SILVER, Salado, Texas
RyanLynnK SILVER, Salado, Texas
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Words are dangerous yet bring joy
For instance my words can turn you into a toy
I could make you feel as if you are the only girl on this earth
But yet I treat you as if you belong in my hearth

With a select few of my words I could make you melt where you stand
And then I will have you in the palm of my hand
I could move you and make you do whatever I want
You will do as I say with the slightest of taunts

For you are my puppet and the string is my words
But yet the inner you locks your heart with a system of passwords
And I being the devil speak more of the words you cannot reject
And then my dear you become my project

I look at your heart and see what damage I need to do
But my love you start to cry halfway thru
I tear your heart in two and stomp it on the ground
And laugh as you cry when no one is around

You see I am a manipulator and love is my subject
And I will play with you without the slightest hint of regret.
So who are you to judge if I leave you on the floor
You where a piece of clay nothing more

I hope you learn what I am capable of
You my bloody dove
I stomped your heart out under my feet
And I sit patiently to hear its last beat.

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