Sestina for GaGa

November 15, 2010
By RoboFox BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
RoboFox BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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Lady GaGa you leave me speechless,
I have found romance
in your music, it makes me just dance
It is light, it is dark
while I’m covered in glitter
as they scream for more, the little monsters

The monsters
make you speechless,
dripping with glitter
and smell of a bad romance,
which leaves their hearts dark
so they sing along, and dance

All through the night we dance
for we are your monsters
That is why we dance in the dark,
because Alejandro left you speechless
He was no good with romance
Just sweep him away with the glitter

From the ceiling the glitter
floats down, and we dance
in it, with our strong, united romance
in our hearts, even though we’re monsters
You leave us speechless
and that is why we follow you into the dark

Even though it may be dark
there is sparkling glitter
that fills our mouths and makes us speechless
but we always dance
as we are your little monsters
and you are our bad romance

You give us your romance
even when the lights go dark
There maybe too many monsters
within an intangible cloud of glitter
but then I will close my eyes, and dance
my way to you and find you speechless

You are my guilty pleasure, my bad romance
I will follow you into the sunlit sky or starlit dark
for I am yours truly, your little monster

The author's comments:
This is a sestina poem, where 6 words are the last words for each line of a verse. Then the order changes each verse for 6 verses. That's why they repeat. It's actually fun, I recommend it, look up the correct order.
This is my tribute to Lady GaGa, who inspires me the most then any other. As you can see, I base it a lot off her music, because her music is like gospel to me. if music were a religion, she would be my messiah.

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