The Art of Adrogny

November 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Dusty foundation, a perfect base,
Blemishes gone without a trace.
Light pink rouge, a healthy glow,
Make it natural, so nobody knows.
Soft eye shadow, grey and light,
Thick mascara, black as night.
Black pencil around the eyes,
Your best feature, keep them dry.
Shiny lipstick, pink and pale,
10 rainbow colours upon your nails.
Filed straight, sharp and neat,
With matching polish on your feet.
Bright red top and black leather skirt,
Dark leather jacket, so tight it hurts.
Fishnet tights and killer heels,
A silver choker and rings of steel.
Sweet perfume sprayed on the skin,
Who says cross-dressing is a sin?
Strawberry blonde hair, backcombed fast,
Out the door, ready at last.
Beauty is an art for which we must suffer,
And when you are a boy, it's even tougher!

The author's comments:
This is a poem about an adrogynous boy who likes to wear make-up and girls clothes. I wrote this because I have a lot of heroes, particularly people from bands who have taught me great life lessons, and many of these people are boys who wear make-up and have a very feminine look about them. My ultimate hero is Bill Kaulitz, lead singer of German band Tokio Hotel, and he is known for his wacky, adrogynous look. This poem is intended to be humourous but also is meant to show that it is okay for boys to want to look and dress this way.

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