November 15, 2010
By JmmsLady GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
JmmsLady GOLD, Shreveport, Louisiana
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You saved me from the dark,
They would have drowned me.

We've had our good times and bad,
but nothing I would have rather had.

Our love is like fire, never dousing
And our romance is like rain, forever sousing.

Lies were told, feelings were spared,
And of losing you, I am constantly scared.

You were always my passion
and from your attention, I stopped looking ashen.

Without you, I am not me,
and without you, I could not see.

Without you, I couldn't believe,
and without you, I am naive.

Without you, I am not sure,
You were my savior.

Without you, I couldn't conceive,
so it's you I will never leave.

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