The Crash

November 26, 2007
It’s the pain that I felt
That made me want to melt.
For the day of the crash,
It went with a bash.
We were riding side by side
When a drunk driver came to collide.
Driven to the hospital, I heard your cry.
I’m trying to grab your hand…please don’t die.
“Bryan! Bryan!” I hear her call my name,
If the angels take her, I’ll know who to blame.
Oh take me instead
And bring me to my deathbed.
Leave her alone that precious girl,
She is more valuable than any pearl.
The walls now seem to close on me
Maybe He did hear my plea.
Bye my love, bye my family,
I’ll be sleeping for all eternity.
If this could be a moral for all,
I’d say to the people from tall to small
“Don’t go driving after drinking for,
it might cost a life or even more.”

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