Resilience In Motion

November 15, 2010
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“The first step can easily be your last.”

A warning stated many times in the past.

Yet he is no stranger to struggle, not a lost cause

Like every other human he breathes with a pause.

He follows the yellow brick road only to discover that there is a fence,

What to do, oh what to do to defeat an obstacle so immense.

He sighs, he shrugs, he ponders, for the moment is so intense,

But he quickly concludes that after all this affliction, it is not the end.

The first step was not his last,

He has not faded into the past.

“The second step is dangerous if it were ever met”

It is said that it is very far, and that’s farther than one can get.

He stumbles upon a forest, thicker than a thousand things,

He moves and walks with caution but suddenly it rains.

It rains. It rains. It rains. It rains,
He walks. He walks. He walks. He walks.

His uncertainty stirs up emotion, grunts turn into cries,

The rain clears he wipes his tears today he will not die.

The second step has now been met,
He turned a struggle into a pet.

The third step?

To achieve such a thing is going to be a blast.

Once the third is reached, there is nothing you have not passed.

Your heart is strong your head is right,

You steer the plane and continue flight.

You now know adversity. You now contain the potion

to do great things and change the world. You are resilience in motion.

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