I Love You

November 26, 2007
By Sarah Vanhoose, Paintsville, KY

When i said i loved you,
i meant it with everything in me.
and when you said you wanted to be with me until your death,
i knew we were meant to be.
The day i said forever,
i knew i only wanted you.
the day you said forever,
i knew you felt that way to.
Now i sit alone and cry,
cause you, my one true love, is gone
i loved you so much
and now i dont want to go on.
You promised you'd be mine forever,
then you broke my heart
but as far as im concered,
you'll have the broken peices, forever.
All the laughs we had,
and the times we shared.
while siting here thinking about you,
i know that you still care.
I said i didnt want anyone else,
and i meant that with everything in me.
and now, even though your gone,
i know, with you, is the only place i want to be.
Our memories are always in my head.
i cant get you out of my mind,
youre the only person i think about,
no matter what, youre with me all the time.
I wish certain things never happened,
i wish i could take back alot of the things i did and said.
but chastin, the truth is,
i cant get you out of my head.
I love you more with each passing second,
like now, and now, and now.
but the only thing keeping me alive,
is saying "i gotta make him see some how".
I said and did somethings,
that i really didnt mean.
and looking back now,
i wish i could have seen.
No one can compare to you,
or the things that you did.
when i was with you,
i had more fun then a little kid.
God knows i didnt want to lose you,
i tried everthing i knew how to do.
i loved you so much,
i did everything you told me to.
I was always faithful,
not once did i cheat.
and everytime i fell,
you put me back on my feet.
You were the only one i could trust,
the only one i could talk to.
never did i want anyone else,
all i wanted was you.
You were my best friend,
the the one i loved more then life,
but the day we broke up,
youre words cut me like a knife.
I remember how you kissed me,
your kisses were filled with love
the way you held me,
it was like you were holding a dove.
Your eyes,
so blue and mesmerizing.
your love,
so full and hypmotizing.
Its killing me inside,
living my life without you.
sometimes i wander,
if it hurts you too.
You will be the only one i ever love,
even when im taking my last breath.
and when i take that last breath,
i'll use it to look into your eyes, and say "chastin, i love you".

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